Who We Are

New Hope is a community of committed though imperfect followers of Jesus Christ who have banded together in a mission to extend the Kingdom of God, both locally and globally, by proclaiming the Words of Jesus and demonstrating the Works of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our desire for every person within the sphere of influence of our church is that they be vitally connected with God of Hope. (Romans 15:13) Jesus Christ is the “Hope of Glory” and as a local expression of the body of Christ we see ourselves as His “hands and feet,” serving others, and offering the only sure Hope to those around us. We value His presence, His words, His gifts, and the proclamation of His message (the good news) to the world.

What to Expect

New Hope is a multi-generational church family with people from all walks of life. Some people wear suits, some people wear shorts and most things in between. New Hope welcomes everyone because our top priority is to enjoy God’s love and presence in a real and practical way. Our worship is contemporary and expressive (we have a band), fairly casual (not scripted) and somewhat interactive (not a spectator sport!). You can sit, stand, or kneel. Communion is available every week. Our service begins with a time of worship, where our goal is for you to connect with God and be introduced to our church. This is followed by a message and a time of deeper worship, sharing, and more extensive ministry time. So come as you would like. Just come ready to relax and seek God. As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. And we promise we won’t seek to make you feel uncomfortable.