Seek Justice

The Seek Justice ministry is one that focuses on biblical justice, which we define as:

-Caring for and defending the vulnerable, poor and marginalized members of society
-Taking up the righteous cause of the powerless, and giving a voice to the voiceless
-Identifying and healing the root of the problem of poverty and exploitation
-Releasing the bonds of violent oppression
-Defending the blessings God has intended every person to have: life, liberty, dignity and the fruit of their love or their labor

The ministry focuses on three areas of injustice: human trafficking, at-risk youth, and poverty without opportunity. Our main projects include:

Market of Hope

Every fall, New Hope Community Church hosts an open-aire Holiday Market, promoting “Christmas shopping with a purpose” through Market of Hope. Poverty-entrapped artisans from around the world are identified and empowered through international ministries, hired to handcraft items such as jewelry, purses and home decor, which are shipped to the United States. Market of Hope is an outlet at which they are able to sell their items and receive payment, enabling these ministries to be self-sustaining and to continue their work of empowerment. 100% of all sales at Market of Hope go directly to the represented ministries.

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Poverty Cure

Based off the wonderfully researched and produced DVD series of the same name, the Poverty Cure team finds and invests in overseas small business ventures in poverty-entrapped communities, empowering the poor members of the community to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

LearnĀ about our current Poverty Cure projects here

Backpack Coalition Food Drive

The Backpack Coalition is a Round Rock ministry that provides food to underfed children right here in our community. They send home 7 child-friendly meals in backpacks on Friday afternoons, ensuring that school children are fed over the weekend. New Hope’s Seek Justice ministry is proud to support their efforts.

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