Our Beliefs & Values

Our Beliefs

We believe in the One Triune God, Who is the creator of all things.

He has spoken to us in the Bible, which we accept as his inerrant and infallible written Word.

In the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, He entered the world as a baby, conceived by a virgin, fully man, yet fully God. Our sinful rebellion against God had separated us from Him, and He became a man in order to restore us to intimate friendship with Him.

Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and then offered Himself on the cross dying as our substitute so that, through the sacrifice of His blood, we might be set free from the just penalty of our sin and made right with God.

After his death, he was buried and on the third day, He rose again victorious over death and the powers of darkness. He later ascended bodily into Heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for us.

He then poured out the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, giving birth to His new community, the Church. In the Person of the Holy Spirit, Christ lives within His people, reproducing His holy character within us, empowering us to be His witnesses to the world, and equipping us with spiritual gifts to do the works of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that Christ will literally and bodily return to earth to claim His Bride, the one, true and universal church, and take her to Heaven to live and reign with Him throughout eternity.

In order to share in the great salvation that God, in His great love and mercy has freely offered all men, we must turn away from our sins and place our trust fully in Jesus Christ. When we yield to Christian repentance and faith, we experience a profound inner transformation called new birth, and we receive the gift of eternal life.

We believe that at the final judgement, all who have refused God’s love revealed in Christ will be sentenced to eternal separation from Him in Hell, and all who have received God’s love in Christ will be welcomed into everlasting joy in His presence in Heaven.


Our Values

The Presence of God:

We are committed to ministry to the Lord in worship as our highest ministry priority. In all our corporate gatherings we invoke and welcome his presence, seeking to worship him as he desires and directs.


We are committed to be a prayer-based church in which intercession is regularly and powerfully made for every member and every ministry of New Hope, and needs in the larger body of Christ, our city, our nation, and the world.

The Balance of Word and Spirit:

We are committed to the practical exposition of the Scriptures and the exercise of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe that “all Word and we dry up, all Spirit and we blow up, Spirit and Word together, we grow up.”

The Great Commission:

We are committed to obedience to Jesus’ command to make disciples (apprentices of Jesus) of all nations, effectively reaching pre-Christians in our own culture and unreached peoples in other cultures with the gospel of the kingdom.

The Upcoming Generations:

We are committed to equip the children and youth of our church to be passionate followers of Jesus who impact their generations for the kingdom of God.

Every Member Ministry:

We are committed to the “priesthood of all believers.” We regard all believers as ministers and view the primary function of church leaders to be that of coaches/consultants in assisting people in discovering and being released in their own “kingdom callings.”

Unity in the Body of Christ:

We are committed to the one body of Christ in this region, in its many and diverse local expressions. We desire to be “partners in the gospel” with other churches in cooperative projects to advance the kingdom of God.