Backpack Coalition Food Drive

By providing seven child-friendly meals for underfed children to take home each weekend, the Backpack Coalition is not only taking a stand against child hunger, but also sowing into the Kingdom by building relationships with children and families who have never known the love of Christ.

Help us support the Backpack Coalition by bringing any of these items to the New Hope lobby any time in March.

Found at Sam’s Club in La Frontera:

As of 8/20, you can find the following items in the aisles listed at the Sam’s Club at La Frontera:

Armour Vienna Sausages 18ct. (aisle 27)

Chef Boyardi Ravioli cups 8ct.  (aisle 27)

Raman noodles 36ct. (aisle 27)

Kraft Easy Mac cups 8ct. (aisle 26)

Dole Cherry Fruit cups 16ct. (aisle 32)

Mott’s Applesauce 36ct. (aisle 32)

Del Monte mixed fruit cups 16ct. (aisle 32)

Act II popcorn 28 ct. (aisle 15)

Act II mini bags popcorn 40 ct. (aisle 15)

Nabisco Saltines 12 ct. (aisle 15)

Ritz Crackers n Cheese Dip 30ct. (center aisles)

Any Austin sandwich crackers (center aisles)

Frito Lay 100 calorie snacks 30ct. (aisle 15)

Snyder’s Mini Pretzels 48ct. (center aisles)

Chex Mix 36ct (center aisles)

Cheez Its 36ct. (center aisles)

Goldfish Crackers 24ct. (center aisles)

Rice Crispie Treats 40ct. (aisle 32)

Nabisco mini-cookies 36ct (aisle 15)

Maker Mark Zoo Animal Fruit Snacks 75ct. (aisle 15)

Fruit By The Foot 48 ct. (aisle 15)

Fruit By The Foot Gushers 26ct. (aisle 15)

Betty Crocker Halloween snacks 48ct. (aisle 15)

Apple & Eve Juice Boxes 36ct. (aisle 14)

Minute Maid Juice Boxes 40 ct. (aisle 14)

Quaker Oatmeal 52ct. (aisle 33)

Any Nature Valley Granola bars (aisle 32)

Any Quaker Granola or Oatmeal bar (aisle 32)

Available at most grocery stores:

Ramen noodles (square pack)

Vienna Sausage (small can)

Chef Boyardee meal cup (individual serving)

applesauce (individual serving cups, 6pack)

fruit cup (individual serving cups, 6 pack)

raisins (small boxes)

Easy Mac single servings (cups or packets)

microwave popcorn

saltine crackers

single serve cereal boxes

100% fruit juice boxes or pouches

snack crackers packages

100% fruit snack packages

granola bars

fruit bars

cereal bars

Found at Walmart only:

Great Value individual serving cups of vegetables (4-pack)

Hamburger Helper individual packets

Other needed items:


Reusable vinyl grocery bags