Our Approach

In the summer of 2014, the Seek Justice team sent two representatives to Africa to build connections and collect ideas for future projects. In Uganda, they met with Rebecca Sorensen from My Father’s House International, a ministry that focuses on ministering to children in the neighborhood of Busega, on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. My Father’s House runs a primary school, Royal Hope Academy, as well as a children’s shelter and a child sponsorship program.

In Kenya, they met local pastor Ezekiel Charo and his wife, Debbie, who lead a church in the beach village of Mnarani, and oversee several other pastors and churches in the area. They introduced our team to several members of the local community with dire need and tremendous potential in the areas of business and vocational skills. With donations collected from members of the church, our team was able to provide the start-up funds needed for two new local businesses, which are thriving to this day and supporting several families.

In July of 2015, six members of New Hope were sent on a missions trip to the nations of Uganda and Kenya to follow-up the trip in 2014. They deepened relationships and solidified plans for long-term partnerships. Their connections brought to our attention several kingdom business and other investment opportunities we believe have the capacity to transform their communities.

What is Kingdom Business?

What we call a “Kingdom business” refers to a for-profit business rooted in Christian principles that have the mission to not only succeed in lifting its owners and employees out of poverty, but to use a portion of the profits to pour into other Kingdom business opportunities. We look for entrepreneurs with a mind for business and a heart for people, who are faithful in giving back to their local church and do not shy away from financial transparency and accountability.  Our Kingdom businesses fall under the oversight of a missionary or local minister who we work with closely, and who we know well enough to believe will be honest and full of integrity in their oversight practices.


Current Needs:

Barber Shop for Moses Chilumo

Moses has been a member of the church for several years, and has come upon hard times financially. He dreams of opening a barber shop in the nearby area of Fumbini, where he can build relationships with and minister to clients during their haircuts.

Funds Needed:


Carpentry Shop

There are several experienced carpenters at Oasis Baptist and several more who are in need of vocational training and a Christian community. This workshop would provide income, vocational training, fellowship and accountability for several young men in the church. From funds collected in 2015, we were able to send a majority of the needed funds to begin the process of setting up this shop. However, we are continuing to collect for this need in order to fully stock and equip the shop to meet its full potential and have the greatest impact in the community.

Funds Needed:


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